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Monday, January 02, 2006

Using Longitude and Latitude Finder

I'm using Longitude and Latitude Finder to access the decimal equivalent of the degrees, minutes, seconds format from google maps. I'm listing a set of locations that I want to use in a map I'm creating with YourGMaps. They have an option for this function that works well, but I'm having some problems with the final format of the map. I want an independent source before recreating my map with YourGMaps. I'll describe the output format issues in more detail in another post.

My Site List for New Map

The Farm: 44.228510965007246, -123.06871891021728
After The Farm: 44.07566992423739, -123.12692284584045
The Marcola House: 44.17420171791179, -122.860107421875
John Lewis' Saw Mill on Shotgun Creek: 44.2132869677326, -122.82939076423645
The Cemetery in Mabel: 44.213671460557606, -122.82839298248291
Brother Ritter's House: 44.214601922805926, -122.82829642295837


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