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Monday, January 02, 2006

Homesteads - 2nd Try

Here is the new map I created with YourGmaps.

The code that YourGmaps supplied to create the map is pasted into the Edit Html tab of the Blogger Post Editor.

Note from 3Jan05
While trying unsuccessfully to recreate the clipped button situation, I realised what probably happened. It was early in my learning curve and I was pasting html and publishing trying to figure the map width for this blog. I think I must have widened the map without pasting the new html - which, of course would clip the new map since the blog held the old width definition. This image is the result of a map width = 450 pixels and an expected width = 400 pixels!!

Map Format Notes

The map format is as I defined it.
1. 2 Columns - the map on the right and the scrollable list of locations on the left.
2. The map is framed in the YourGMap header.

Next Change
1. I want a narrower format to fit on the default width of the Blogger screen.


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