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Monday, January 02, 2006

About Using YourGMaps on Blogger

Update 4Jan06: The Info Here is Obsolete

For anyone who has slogged here in hopes of gleaning some nuggets of knowledge, I will leave some notes. See YourGMap Review .

4Jan06: I left this note yesterday as I began to see how things really work
Previous Posts Track My Learning Curve
I've been exploring using YourGMaps as embedded maps on Blogger and I'm new to this whole arena. In my previous posts I slog around in confusion as I learn about posting to a blog and making gmaps. Some of the comments are no longer descriptive of the map that is displayed because I did not initially appreciate the implications of posting a map that is hosted elsewhere. This is, in fact, a benefit because as you modify your map, the changes appear on your webpage when you re-load.

4Jan06: This is still Good Information. See YourGMap Review .
Values For A Good Fit With Blogger Page Defaults

Page Width = 400 pixels

  • The map will not extend into region allotted for frames on the right. This allows the frame to be aligned to the top of your page. My display is set to 1400 x 1050 pixels.
Page Height = mine are 500 pixels

4Jan06: Nope - no more oddness
Odd Behavior

4Jan06: This was an artifact of Operator Error. See Avoid Clipping Your Map
Map Buttons: Map, Satellite, Hybrid

  • If you select Hybrid for your map definition, the buttons are clipped on the right. But, if you begin with Map selected, the set of buttons are shifted to the left a bit and are not clipped.

4Jan06: The 2-column feature is accessible through a link place on your page. The map is viewed from the YourGmap server. The folks at YourGMap fixed up their "Exports Page" so that the user sees directly what their options are.

Page Width less than 728 pixels

  • The initial width setting for your map will be 728 pixels with 2 column format. You can select to embed the map and a bit of html will be provided that you can paste on your webpage. If you leave the width and height settings alone -- I mean, do not fiddle with them at all -- you will get a nice map with a column to the left that contains your locations with their descriptions. The whole package will be framed inside of YourGMaps header. If you narrow the width setting, you lose the 2 column ability and the header. Okay, fine. But, you can't them back by restoring the width to 728 pixels!


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